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Kenyatta McKinnon (born April 3, 1974), is an African-American who is the CEO of K McKinnon and Associates LLC, Hustle for God, National Women’s Safety Week, and Founder of KMI Inc. She has distinguished herself as a consultant, author, public speaker, trainer, instructor, leader for the youth, and a safety advocate for men, women, and children globally. She is the founder of KMI Foundation, Inc. she is an entrepreneur who gives back to her community and organizations to help mankind. For years, she has facilitated structured programs to mentor youth. She is also a safety advocate for women, men, and children who need to learn how to defend themselves. She is an entrepreneur, author, consultant, trainer, and a public speaker for the community and law enforcement.
Kenyatta teaches spiritual awareness, leadership skills and self development.
Kenyatta builds programs on the foundation of a host of community resources, relationships and partnerships with local business owners, churches, nonprofit organizations, and schools.