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On the PoliceOne.com website there was an article written by Cole Zercoe dealing with policing in the 21st Century and national respect for the police officer. The author points out how media portrays police officers and the picture that is painted is sometimes unfair. The article also touched on stiffer penalties to be imposed on citizens that harm or hurt the police, as well as the need for offices to  have more help while patrolling, better training and equipment, better pay and benefits.

In my opinion, I definitely agree that police officers are underpaid for the job they do. You have to look at the fact that police officers have a duty and oath to lay down their life for a stranger at any time. So, you can’t put a price on a police officer’s life. If updated equipment was readily available to all police officers across the country, this would help them effectively complete their job duties daily.

Another issue that many cities deal with is the fact that local law enforcement agencies in the 21st century have a high turnover rate. A lot of this is due to police officers not being properly compensated, working conditions in facilities that they manage, not being supported externally or internally, and the high level of stress of the police officers that manage incarcerated individuals every single day.   Over a period of years the damage to your body, that comes with occupation of being a police officer in some cases are catastrophic.

There is a lot of work to be done if we are to unify the national issues that divide our nation.  To assist in these plaguing issues, we need to first address the basic needs between police officers and communities.  Efforts must be taken  to begin the process of bridging the gap that has been collapsing for many years now. To better serve the needs of humanity, we have to unite on many issues with police officers and communities.  This should be at the top of the list.

Safety nets will have to be in place to guard the community point of view and the police officer’s point of view as well. I think that if we come together for a common cause to save lives and understand the work that must be done, it will bring about a better communications and a better tomorrow for us all!